Polo Shirts Manufacturing

History of the Polo Shirts

The term "Polo" has an original from Polo Sport - horseback hockey from India. British colonists brought this sport back to their country and turned Polo into an aristocratic sport in the late 19th century. However, The outfit brings discomfort to players participating in polo games. Famous designer - Mr. Jean Rene Lacoste innovated and created a polo shirt with the perfect combination of T-shirts and shirts. The shirt has an elegant collar but is renewed with a V-shaped collar and three fixed buttons at the collar. Tthe shirt received most of its fame through tennis, when the famous French player René Lacoste introduced polo shirts to the sport in the 1930s.

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Polo shirts

Materials used in Polo shirts?

Have you ever wondered what fabric Polo shirts are made from?

There are many different types of polo fabric, from basics like cotton or polyester or combined cotton-polyester. Because Cotton is soft, easy to care and breathable; Polyester is lightweight, durable, and doesn't wrinkle or shrink.

In recent years, Polo Shirts have been created by combining both cotton and polyester. These polo shirts give the wearer a comfortable feeling whether you wear them for work or create your custom style.

How to wear Polo shirts?

If you want to wear a fitted Polo shirt, what are the factors to evaluate the fit? Let's follow VNC to find out the factors that affect the comfort of a person's style:

- Length: The bottom hem should hit no lower than a couple of inches lower than your belt line and no higher than the hip, a good reference is that it should be short enough to tuck in and long enough to wear untucked.

- Sleeve length: The sleeve should end about midway down your bicep, any longer and it can make your arms appear smaller than they are.

 You should wear the Polo Shirts which make you look a little tighter in the chest and arm before tapering down your waist. You can combine Polo Shirts with a pair of fitted shorts and casual canvas sneakers to look casual at parties or meetings with your friends. For the formal occasion, you can replace the denim or chinos with a pair of trousers, throw on a classy belt, and tuck in the polo, beside it, with a pair of loafers and a nice watch to be completely your formal style.

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