What is Polyester fabric?

What is Polyester Fabric?

Polyester fabric is the one of the world's most popular textiles. It is popularly used in the people's daily life and industrial applications. So, what is Polyester fabric? And how is Polyester made?

First, Polyester fabric is a synthetic fabric that's usually derived from petrolium. Chemically, Polyester is a Polymer primarily composed of compounds within the ester functional group. Most synthetic and and some plant-based polyester fibers are made from ethylene, which is a constituent of petroleum that can also be derived from other sources.

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What is Polyester Fabric?



How to make Polyester Fabric?

Next, Including 5 steps to make Polyester, as below:

1. Creating a monomer

The process of creating polyester fiber begin with reacting ethylene glycol with dimethyl terephthalate at high heat. This reaction results in the monomer.

2. Creating a polyester

The monomer is then reacted with dimethyl terephthalate again to create a polymer.

3. Extruding

This moltern polyester polymer is extruded from reaction chamber in long strips, and these strips are allow to cool and dry, and then they are broken apart in to small pieces.

4. Spinning

The resulting chips are melted again to create a honey-like substance, which is extruded through a spinneret to create fibers.

5. Finishing

The resulting polyester filament may be cut or reacted with various chemicals to achieve the correct end result.

The production processes used to make polyester may vary depending on the type of polyester is made: Ethylense Polyester, PCDT Polyester, Plant-Based Polyester


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